by be.

My intent with TheLegendsLeague has always been to build a brand that cultivated a community. I wanted to have a voice but more importantly be a voice for those rarely heard or understood. Along the way I’ve wavered in my choices to be transparent and candid and I’ve shaken the narrative between personal and public for the sake of making people feel less alone in their mania. That being said, I need you to speak up, introduce yourselves, talk to me in the streets. A megaphone doesn’t come with an earpiece because it’s not meant for the hands of a listener. I function like a telephone. So if you see me, stop me, say wassup, slap hands (unless of course I’m with my daughter or in conversation). It’s important for the progression of what we’re doing together as this brand is more about the people than it is about the product. #STRANGERSUP #LLSEASON

- Bryan 'be.' Espiritu