NIKE vs KRINK: Air Max Series

by be.


The idea to merge 2 of my favorite brands came after I saw that KRINK has a Tiffany coloured K-60 marker. I picked it up and as soon as I got home I tried to draw a Tiffany Dunk Low on a piece of cardboard I found in my garbage. The result was okay, but it was too illustrative and obvious so I did another version that was just the stripped down aspects of the shoes colour blocking. Although the shape wasn’t true to form, the idea was clear. The cardboard scrap turned out to be perfect for both blacks and whites to pop off of so I did a couple more silhouettes at different sizes trying to find the right combination of scale, simplifying the colour blocking of the silhouette, dripping the ink and maintaining the integrity of the structure of the shoe. After completing a few tests I found that going too simple meant the shoe didn’t look right, but being too complicated meant the ink pooled up onto itself and the result looked like a melted cake. I also found that the bigger the canvas I had the better the composition looked for overall size to drip pattern ratio. Still working on perfecting this, but here’s Series 1 of my NIKE vs. KRINK project.

Big thank you to KRINK NYC and NIKE Canada for their support and involvement in this personal project of mine.

NIKE vs KRINK: Series 1 – Air Max 1 / Air Max 90 / Air Max 95








- Bryan 'be.' Espiritu