Ideall Clothing: Obama Time

by be.

Here’s an exclusive, exclusive sneak peak into the artwork for the Ideall Clothing “Obama Time” tee. I just finished the illustration minutes ago so the final tee is subject to some minor changes.

The design is a remix of Obama’s cover of Time Magazine with the “Out with the old..” subhead provided by the late great, James Yancey. I know a lot of people are doing ‘Bama shirts, but I feel that he represents a huge possibility for social change and an opportunity for our young folks to see some potential in themselves within the type of society we live in. I was at a bar the other afternoon and a girl said, “Obama wouldn’t be any different than any other president. His policies will probably be the same”. She may be right. Though should he become the next American President, and the new leader of the ‘free’ world, the impact of a popular decision to induct a visible minority as the President of the United States would be a forward movement for human kind and a comment on the ever changing, maturing, and socially conscious voice that a lot of the otherwise globally deteriorating American population has. I am not jumping on a bandwagon for the sake of jumping on it. I’ve never been a lemming. But if one comes along that I believe in, trust me, I’ll ride that shit out.

Hope you guys like it.

The colors will be as shown on a beige shirt.

Mens sizes S, M, L, XL $40 each.

Please send pre-orders with “Obama Tee Preorder” in the subject line to:

Be sure to include your name, size, and email/cell number.
By the way, for those who don’t get the subhead, google “James Yancey”.


(for all of you who use Live Trace on your Adobe Illustrator programs – check the realness)

- Bryan 'be.' Espiritu